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What's My Peoples Style? Take the Assessment!

People are different in fundamental ways. If these differences are not managed, it can limit our potential. What if we could thoughtfully categorize people so we can make our differences work for us?

The Peoples Style framework seeks out to do exactly that. Robert Bolton & Dorothy Grover Bolton, authors of People Styles at Work and Beyond, define people style as a cluster of habitual assertive and responsive behaviors that have a pervasive and enduring influence on people's actions."

Learn more about the framework here!

Curious to what your people style is? Take the assessment through the interactive PDF below (programmed by Jenit Bilakhia).

Tips to remember while taking the assessment

  • The people styles framework is based on how others perceive you. When answering the questions, think of how the people you interact with would answer for you.

  • There are no right or wrong answers. Each style brings valuable strengths to a team setting.

  • The questions often include comparison words. In these cases think of "half of the population" (i.e. less use of hands than half the population)

People Styles Inventory and Scoring
Download PDF • 410KB

Note: This is an interactive PDF. If the user end features don't work on your preferred viewer, try downloading Adobe PDF reader. Download links: Mac, Windows, iPhone, Android

Alternately, use this google sheet instead to complete the assessment.

How do you feel about the results? Join the discussion!

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