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People Styles Grid

Mindful categorization for more meaningful relationships


The Big Picture

Our actions are influenced by habits and patterns we've adopted through life experiences. Assertiveness and emotional responsiveness are two clusters of such behaviours. The Peoples Styles Model is based on these two dimensions.

Four Styles

These two dimensions create four people styles;

Styles animation2.gif

Emotional Responsiveness

"A person's level of emotional responsiveness is the degree to which they are seen by others as showing their own emotions and being aware of other's emotions."

Responsive Animation.gif

Styles on the "less responsive" side are selective with who they express their emotions to. Styles on the "more responsive" side display their emotions candidly to most people they interact with.

This spectrum also corelates to being seen as task-focused verses people-focused.


"A person's level of assertiveness is the degree to which their behaviour is typically seen by others as being directive."

Assertive Animation.gif

Styles on the right side are more commanding or direct with their approach to interactions. Styles on the left are more passive or diplomatic in their interactions.

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