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Tima for

Vice President

Progress - Centennial College


Who is Tima?


All the important questions to ask a candidate; read the answers here! Have a question or suggestion? Post here!


Academic reforms, collaborative college systems, inclusive communities and more. Here's what I'm advocating for.


4 days and 4 ways
for the college to thrive!
Join me live or watch the recordings up until voting day! 


What are my work ethics, collaboration skills, and leadership styles like?
Hear it from other students!


What makes you a strong candidate?

I've experienced Centennial as a student, as a volunteer, and as an employee, and am familiar with the systems that run the college. This gave me the opportunity to build strong relationships with members all over the progress campus community and cherish the diverse population we have here.

Anchor 1

Higher Standards for The College Experience


Vision: A school system that encourages departments, faculty and staff to collaborate together with the shared goal of supporting student success, instead of having to compete for funding, resources, and attention



Vision: Programs updated to be relevant to current times, and faculty supported and held accountable for delivering engaging and impactful courses 


Vision: A welcoming learning community where diverse students feel comfortable to report microaggressions and impowered by the support they receive

Student Politics

Vision: A Students' Association with a mission to foster an informed and active student population with high quality and engaging events, meetings, and communication channels 


Vision: Bigger staff teams for bigger student populations; Fast, reliable, and personalized services from all departments at the college.

Centennial Community



Gurkirat Singh

Software Engineering Technology

Centennial College

I met Tima on the Leadership Retreat in March 2020, and what caught my attention was how she made a personal goal to get to know each person in the group! She is one of the nicest person I have met in Centennial College. I got to see Tima working behind the scenes to prepare for the Leadership Conference. It's incredible to watch her supporting students to speak up and take on new opportunities!  

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