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Tima Shah
for President

CCSAI Presidential Candidate

A New Kind of Campaign!

Hey! I'm Tima, and I'm running for CCSAI President. For my election campaign this year, I decided to launch an educational video series! Join me over the next two weeks as we learn about advocacy and governance!

All About Fees

In this episode, we will learn all about fees. Ever wondered who approves fee changes? Are fees decreased when we are not on campus? And what's up with International Student Fees?

Who Funds Ontario Colleges?

How Does Government Funding Impact Your Tuition?

In this episode, we dig deeper into the Ontario College system. Where do colleges get their funding from? How does that impact students? We'll also have a 20 second mini-lesson on How the Canadian Government Works!

Levels of Advocacy

How can we advocate on issues bigger than Centennial College? In this video, we see the story of student advocacy in Ontario and explore the three levels where advocacy for students matters!

Are My Faculty Going on Strike?

Actually, they already are on strike. What does that mean? How will it impact students? Find out in today's video.

How the Strike Impacts me? 

Now that we've covered types of strike action in the last episode, we look at the current impacts of the work-to-rule, and possible impacts if strike action escalates.

Inclusion and Democracy

How democratic is our student government? How can we challenge barriers to make CCSAI more inclusive? What does diverse representation mean?

What Would You Ask a Candidate?

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Last Year's Campaign :)

Vice President

2020 - 2021

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